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Enterprise application software Pre-purchase approval procedures

Request for ITS Authentication ReviewIn July 2014, a new policy was approved by the Chancellor requiring a review by ITS prior to purchasing certain types of enterprise application software (http://policy.uncg.edu/university-policies/enterprise_applications_prepurchase/).  In summary:

  • Enterprise applications (defined in the policy) must be reviewed by the Administrative Information Security Committee (AISC) to ensure that University data is properly protected.​
  • Student-facing enterprise administrative applications (defined in the policy) must be reviewed for compliance with University-approved authentication method(s).
    The related procedure can be found at ​https://its.uncg.edu/Technology_Procedures/Other/Enterprise_Applications/.  This page requires you to log in using your UNCG credentials.

Evaluations of Equipment

Prior to delivery, the department expected to evaluate the equipment must:

  • Have the vendor approve the Evaluation of Equipment Agreement form
  • If applicable, have the vendor submit with the Evaluation of Equipment Agreement form a copy of liability insurance
  • Have all paperwork submitted to the Purchasing Department.

Purchasing Used Equipment

When a department needs used equipment:

1. Contact the Director of Materials Management.

2. Complete a requisition in eMarketplace.

• If the offer is competitive and subject to prior sale, the Director of Materials Management may approve immediate purchase.

• Otherwise, a bid for used equipment will be issued.

3. The Purchasing Department will issue a purchase order.

Renting and Leasing Equipment

All requests for renting and leasing should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department by way of a purchase requisition via eMarketplace.

• The request should be accompanied by a justification explaining the need to lease or rent rather than purchase.

• A copy of the proposed rental or lease agreement and any additional/necessary communication needs to accompany the purchase requisition as an attachment.

The Purchasing Department will review the request and take necessary action consistent with standard purchasing procedure.

Purchasing from Commercial Vendors

To request materials and services from commercial vendors:

1. Enter a requisition into eMarketplace. (An approved requisition in eMarketplace authorizes the Purchasing Department to purchase items on behalf of the ordering department.)

2. Attach to the requisition or send to the Purchasing Department all supporting documentation.

3. The Purchasing Department will issue a purchase order.

The length of time required to process a purchase requisition depends on the following:

• If the item is on State Contract.

• If the dollar amount of the order is less than $5,000.00, the requisition can be processed without formal bidding.

• If the dollar amount of the order is over $5,000.00 but less than $25,000.00, a quote for the requirement will have to be issued via the informal bid process.

• If the dollar amount of the order is over $25,000.00 but less than $500,000.00, the requirement will have to be solicited using the sealed competitive bid process.

• If the dollar amount of the order is over $500,000.00, the requirement will need to be solicited by the State Purchase and Contract Division.

4. The ordering department receives an electronic confirmation that the order has been placed.

5. The ordering department confirms delivery in eMarketplace once the item(s) has been received.

Small Purchase Program

It is the responsibility of the individual using the Small Purchase Program to seek the best value for the cost which will be incurred. For commodities and services $2,500.00 and under the ordering department is encouraged to order using the University issued PCard by

• using supplier catalogs via the University eMarketplace where special pricing has already been negotiated for the University


• directly with the supplier of choice.

Should neither of these methods accomplish the purchase requirement, the ordering department can submit an approved requisition to the Purchasing department via eMarketplace.

Sole Source

If you feel the item or service you require meets the definition above of being Sole Source, complete either the editable Sole Source Justification form or the printable form and submit it along with the Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department. The Sole Source Justification Form will require the following information:

• The item and its function

• The name and address of the suggested supplier

• The reason for requesting a sole source purchase

• The reason why the product or service is the only product or service that can satisfy your requirements

• The name and address of other vendors who make or provide similar equipment or services and why these fail to meet your specific needs.

Upon receiving the Sole Source Justification Form the Purchase Department will review the information and the details of the requisition and process the requisition accordingly.

Standing Purchase Order

To establish a standing purchase order: Complete one purchase requisition in eMarketplace.

The Purchasing Department creates a Purchase Order.

• If the order will exceed $5,000.00 in annual expenditures, competitive bidding is required unless a sole source justification form is approved.

• If grant or contract funds are used, the standing purchase order must have a firm expiration date.

• Change orders, cancellation or increases/decreases to the amount of a standing purchase order must be made through the online change order form.

Decreases or cancellations – any remaining balance will be liquidated and returned to the ordering department to be used for other purposes.

Changes to Purchase Orders

Any department desiring to make a change to a purchase order must submit their request using the online Change Order/PO Cancellation Request form.

The request to change a purchase order must include the following:

• The Purchase Order number

• The Vendor name

• A detailed description of the change to be made.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

A signed Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certificates is required prior to purchasing gift cards or certificates. This authorization is for a single intended purchase only, i.e. a specific study, a specific event, etc., and must be specified in the “detailed description of intended purpose for items purchased” section on the form. It is recommended to limit the number of gift cards purchased at one time so that the disbursement documentation is more manageable. If the original intended purpose or intended vendor changes, a new authorization form must be completed.

The following information will be required:

• Purchaser’s Name

• Purchaser’s Department

• Purchaser’s Signature

• Vendor Name of intended purchase

• Date and amount of purchase

• Description of what’s being purchased, i.e. specific store gift card or shopping center gift certificates

• Description of the intent of the card/certificate, i.e. grant study, recognition of student employee of the month, recognition of retirement

• Month and year the card/certificate is to be disbursed

• Appropriate authorized signature and date

• Original itemized purchase receipt must be attached upon the purchase

• This form must be attached to the appropriate documentation for payment (PCard receipt kept in monthly packet or BANFIN 32).


A Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log is required to record the dispensing of all gift cards and/or certificates purchased. In the event the gift cards or certificates are purchased for a study or research project where the participants are to remain anonymous, both the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log and the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log must be maintained. For additional details, please refer to the Gift Card Disbursement Log Tutorial.

• Proof of original purchase and authorization form must be kept on file with the appropriate method of payment, i.e. PCard packet, BANFIN 32, etc. The receipt must show the individual gift card/gift certificate number(s) purchased.

• Gift card/gift certificate number(s) must be identified and entered in the “Gift Card or Certificate Number” column of the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log. You can refer to the How to Identify Gift Card Numbers tutorial for assistance locating the correct numbers. The amount of each card or certificate must be entered in the Amount column.

• If a card or certificate is purchased using a PCard, enter the PC number from PCWS on the top of the form where indicated. The PCard Coordinator can provide this number, if unknown.

• A photocopy of the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log showing the gift card/certificate number(s) and amount(s) must be kept on file with the appropriate method of payment in the department or with the PI. The original Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log is given to the person disbursing the gift card(s)/certificate(s). The Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log must be updated as indicated below each time a gift card/certificate is disbursed.

1. Locate the card number on the disbursement log

2. Enter the name of the person receiving the card on the same line as the given card number

3. Ask the person receiving the card to sign their name in the signature field

4. Enter the date the card or certificate was disbursed.

The person disbursing the gift card/certificate must sign the disbursement log in the Issued By field.

• As cards are disbursed, the person disbursing the cards must photocopy their logs to keep with the original receipt (in the PCard packet, BANFIN32, etc.) Once all cards have been given out, the photocopied log is replaced by the original, completed disbursement log.

• At all times the total of the undistributed gift cards/gift certificates and the disbursement log must equal the total of all gift cards/gift certificates purchased. If the purchase was made using the PCard, and the packet is requested for audit, it is the responsibility of the department to provide the most up-to-date disbursement log, along with proof of remaining gift cards/certificates.

• Confidential studies/research requires the use of a second log – the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log. This confidential log is kept in the department with the PI.

Prior to disbursing the cards, enter the card numbers in the Gift card or certificate number field on the log (as done on the Gift Card/Certificate Disbursement Log)

Assign each participant a unique participant ID/identifying number (you can use the last four digits of their Social Security number or University ID number, the study/research abbreviation and sequential number – such as PSYDEV01, or any other series of numbers of your choice)

As the gift card/certificate is being disbursed:

1. The participant’s name and assigned ID number must be entered in the row containing the card number being disbursed to them

2. The date the card/certificate is being disbursed must be recorded

3. The participant must sign as an acknowledgement for receiving the gift card/certificate.

The Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log must be updated with the information from the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log at regular intervals and at the end of the project (and remains with the payment receipt). On the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log in the row corresponding to the gift card number, enter the following for all disbursed cards:

The participant ID/identifying number is entered in the Person Receiving Card or ID/Identifying No. field

The Amount and the Gift Card/Certificate Number should already be entered

“On file with PI” or “On file” is entered in the signature field

The person who disbursed the card/certificate signs in the Issued By field.