Purchasing Forms

Gift Cards:
Refer to the Gift Card & Gift Certificate Purchases before purchasing gift cards.

Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certificates.pdf (editable).
REQUIRED PRIOR to purchasing gift cards or certificates and is an authorization for a single intended purpose only.

Gift Card/Certificate Disbursement Log.pdf (editable)
REQUIRED to record the dispensing of all gift cards purchased – even if only one card is purchased for one individual.

Gift Card/Certificate Confidential Disbursement Log.pdf (editable).
Confidential studies/research requires both the standard Disbursement log and the Confidential Disbursement logs.

Sole Source Justification:
Refer to 4.4 Sole Source Purchases for additional details.

Sole Source Justification Form.pdf

Surplus Trade-in Approval:
Completed form is submitted to State Surplus Property for approval.

Trade-in Approval Request Letter

Tax Exemption:
If a vendor requires proof of UNCG’s tax exempt status, provide them the certificate and letter.

NC Tax Exempt Certificate

Tax Exempt Letter of Explanation

Federal law requires that we have on file a W-9 with the Employer ID number or Social Security number and signature of each person to whom the University makes a payment. New vendors must complete this form to be entered by UNCG’s Accounts Payable Department.

Vendor Taxpayer ID Form.pdf


Banner Finance Access – Campus Users

• An editable .pdf form used to request access to departmental funds. Questions regarding this form must be directed to Systems and Procedures at 334-5936.