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The Procurement Services Department is the central purchasing authority for UNCG. Our responsibilities include managing the procurement process on a University wide level.

The University is required to follow the State of NC Procurement rules and regulations. The links below provide helpful information.

  • State of NC Purchasing and Contracts
    • ♦ Statewide term contracts
    • ♦ NC Debarred Vendor List
    • ♦ State of NC Interactive Purchasing System (IPS)
    • ♦ State of NC Procurement Rules and Procurement Manual
    • ♦ NC Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)
    • ♦ NC Department of Corrections (Correction Enterprises)
  • UNC System Procurement
    • ♦ UNC System contracts
    • ♦ UNC System Procurement Rules including Memorandum of Understanding between the UNC System and State of NC Purchasing and Contracts (P&C)

Please contact the Purchasing Office ( if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Information

Use Activity Code CORONA for related purchases incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID-19.

Request for Delivery to a Residential (Personal) Address

  • ❖ Must have prior written approval and deemed essential by your department head or chair
  • ❖ PCard is the preferred method and all documentation, including prior approval by department head or chair, must be attached to the transaction in the WORKS system
  • ❖ eMarketplace (including PCard orders) cannot be used for delivery to a residential (personal) address
  • ❖ The Purchase of office chairs or desk are not allowed for delivery to a residential (home) address
  • ❖ Departments are encouraged to order through eMarketplace and have the goods delivered to the departmental address

Questions can be sent to or


In July 2014, a new policy was approved by the Chancellor requiring a review by ITS prior to purchasing certain types of enterprise application software. In summary:

  • ♦ Enterprise applications (defined in the policy) must be reviewed by the Administrative Information Security Committee (AISC) to ensure that University data is properly protected.​
  • ♦ Student-facing enterprise administrative applications (defined in the policy) must be reviewed for compliance with University-approved authentication method(s). The related procedure can be found at ​this website. This page requires you to log in using your UNCG credentials.

Prior to delivery, the department expected to evaluate the equipment must:

  • ♦ Have the vendor approve the Evaluation of Equipment Agreement form
  • ♦ If applicable, have the vendor submit with the Evaluation of Equipment Agreement form a copy of liability insurance
  • ♦ Have all paperwork submitted to the Procurement Services Department.

When a department needs used equipment:

  • ♦ Contact the Director of Purchasing.
  • ♦ Complete a requisition in eMarketplace. (If the offer is competitive and subject to prior sale, the Director of Purchasing may approve immediate purchase. Otherwise, a bid for used equipment will be issued.)
  • ♦ The Procurement Services Department will issue a purchase order.

All requests for renting and leasing should be forwarded to the Procurement Services Department by way of a purchase requisition via eMarketplace.

  • ♦ The request should be accompanied by a justification explaining the need to lease or rent rather than purchase.
  • ♦ A copy of the proposed rental or lease agreement and any additional/necessary communication needs to accompany the purchase requisition as an attachment.

The Procurement Services Department will review the request and take necessary action consistent with standard purchasing procedure.

To request materials and services from commercial vendors:

  • 1. Enter a requisition into eMarketplace. (An approved requisition in eMarketplace authorizes the Procurement Services Department to purchase items on behalf of the ordering department.)
  • 2. Attach to the requisition or send to the Procurement Services Department all supporting documentation.
  • 3. The Procurement Services Department will issue a purchase order. The length of time required to process a purchase requisition depends on the following:
    • ♦ If the item is on State Contract.
    • ♦ If the dollar amount of the order is less than $5,000.00, the requisition can be processed without formal bidding.
    • ♦ If the dollar amount of the order is over $5,000.00 but less than $25,000.00, a quote for the requirement will have to be issued via the informal bid process.
    • ♦ If the dollar amount of the order is over $25,000.00 but less than $500,000.00, the requirement will have to be solicited using the sealed competitive bid process.
    • ♦ If the dollar amount of the order is over $500,000.00, the requirement will need to be solicited by the State Purchase and Contract Division.
  • 4. The ordering department receives an electronic confirmation that the order has been placed.
  • 5. The ordering department confirms delivery in eMarketplace once the item(s) has been received.

It is the responsibility of the individual using the Small Purchase Program to seek the best value for the cost which will be incurred. For commodities and services under $5,000.00 the ordering department is encouraged to order using the University issued PCard by using supplier catalogs via the University eMarketplace where special pricing has already been negotiated for the University OR directly with the supplier of choice.

Should neither of these methods accomplish the purchase requirement, the ordering department can submit an approved requisition to the Procurement Services department via eMarketplace.

If you feel the item or service you require meets the definition above of being Sole Source, complete the Sole Source Justification form and submit it along with the Purchase Requisition to the Procurement Services Department. The Sole Source Justification Form will require the following information:

  • ♦ The item and its function
  • ♦ The name and address of the suggested supplier
  • ♦ The reason for requesting a sole source purchase
  • ♦ The reason why the product or service is the only product or service that can satisfy your requirements
  • ♦ The name and address of other vendors who make or provide similar equipment or services and why these fail to meet your specific needs.

Upon receiving the Sole Source Justification Form the Purchase Department will review the information and the details of the requisition and process the requisition accordingly.

To establish a standing purchase order: Complete one purchase requisition in eMarketplace. The Procurement Services Department creates a Purchase Order.

  • ♦ If the order will exceed $5,000.00 in annual expenditures, competitive bidding is required unless a sole source justification form is approved.
  • ♦ If grant or contract funds are used, the standing purchase order must have a firm expiration date.
  • ♦ Change orders, cancellation or increases/decreases to the amount of a standing purchase order must be made through the online change order form.
  • ♦ Decreases or cancellations – any remaining balance will be liquidated and returned to the ordering department to be used for other purposes.

Requests the change, cancel or close a PO are made by adding a comment directly on the Comments Tab of the PO and sending it to all the Purchasing Agents. Include the details necessary for Purchasing to complete your request. Please see this document for instructions and an explanation of when to request a change, cancel or close.

A signed Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certificates (.pdf) is required prior to purchasing gift cards or certificates. This authorization is for a single intended purchase only, i.e. a specific study, a specific event, etc., and must be specified in the “detailed description of intended purpose for items purchased” section on the form. It is recommended to limit the number of gift cards purchased at one time so that the disbursement documentation is more manageable. If the original intended purpose or intended vendor changes, a new authorization form must be completed.

The following information will be required:

  • ♦ Purchaser’s Name
  • ♦ Purchaser’s Department
  • ♦ Purchaser’s Signature
  • ♦ Vendor Name of intended purchase
  • ♦ Date and amount of purchase
  • ♦ Description of what’s being purchased, i.e. specific store gift card or shopping center gift certificates
  • ♦ Description of the intent of the card/certificate, i.e. grant study, recognition of student employee of the month, recognition of retirement
  • ♦ Month and year the card/certificate is to be disbursed
  • ♦ Appropriate authorized signature and date
  • ♦ Original itemized purchase receipt must be attached upon the purchase
  • ♦ This form must be attached to the appropriate documentation for payment (PCard receipt kept in monthly packet or BANFIN 32).


A Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log is required to record the dispensing of all gift cards and/or certificates purchased. In the event the gift cards or certificates are purchased for a study or research project where the participants are to remain anonymous, both the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log and the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log must be maintained. For additional details, please refer to the Gift Card Disbursement Log Tutorial.

  • ♦ Proof of original purchase and authorization form must be kept on file with the appropriate method of payment, i.e. PCard packet, BANFIN 32, etc. The receipt must show the individual gift card/gift certificate number(s) purchased.
  • ♦ Gift card/gift certificate number(s) must be identified and entered in the “Gift Card or Certificate Number” column of the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log. You can refer to the How to Identify Gift Card Numbers tutorial for assistance locating the correct numbers. The amount of each card or certificate must be entered in the Amount column.
  • ♦ If a card or certificate is purchased using a PCard, enter the PC number from PCWS on the top of the form where indicated. The PCard Coordinator can provide this number, if unknown.
  • ♦ A photocopy of the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log showing the gift card/certificate number(s) and amount(s) must be kept on file with the appropriate method of payment in the department or with the PI. The original Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log is given to the person disbursing the gift card(s)/certificate(s). The Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log must be updated as indicated below each time a gift card/certificate is disbursed.
    • 1. Locate the card number on the disbursement log.
    • 2. Enter the name of the person receiving the card on the same line as the given card number.
    • 3. Ask the person receiving the card to sign their name in the signature field.
    • 4. Enter the date the card or certificate was disbursed.

The person disbursing the gift card/certificate must sign the disbursement log in the Issued By field.

  • ♦ As cards are disbursed, the person disbursing the cards must photocopy their logs to keep with the original receipt (in the PCard packet, BANFIN32, etc.) Once all cards have been given out, the photocopied log is replaced by the original, completed disbursement log.
  • ♦ At all times the total of the undistributed gift cards/gift certificates and the disbursement log must equal the total of all gift cards/gift certificates purchased. If the purchase was made using the PCard, and the packet is requested for audit, it is the responsibility of the department to provide the most up-to-date disbursement log, along with proof of remaining gift cards/certificates.
  • ♦ Confidential studies/research requires the use of a second log – the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log. This confidential log is kept in the department with the PI.
    • • Prior to disbursing the cards, enter the card numbers in the Gift card or certificate number field on the log (as done on the Gift Card/Certificate Disbursement Log)
    • • Assign each participant a unique participant ID/identifying number (you can use the last four digits of their Social Security number or University ID number, the study/research abbreviation and sequential number – such as PSYDEV01, or any other series of numbers of your choice)

As the gift card/certificate is being disbursed:

  • ♦ The participant’s name and assigned ID number must be entered in the row containing the card number being disbursed to them.
  • ♦ The date the card/certificate is being disbursed must be recorded.
  • ♦ The participant must sign as an acknowledgement for receiving the gift card/certificate.

The Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log must be updated with the information from the Confidential Gift Card Disbursement Log at regular intervals and at the end of the project (and remains with the payment receipt). On the Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log in the row corresponding to the gift card number, enter the following for all disbursed cards:

  • 1. The participant ID/identifying number is entered in the Person Receiving Card or ID/Identifying No. field
  • 2. The Amount and the Gift Card/Certificate Number should already be entered
  • 3. “On file with PI” or “On file” is entered in the signature field
  • 4. The person who disbursed the card/certificate signs in the Issued By field.

The following commodities and services can be paid using the new Check Request form in eMarketplace:

  • ♦ Bank, Credit Card /Merchant Service Fees
  • ♦ Books (Textbooks purchased for a student except as specified in a grant)
  • ♦ Charitable Contributions (Donations, Memorials)
  • ♦ Employee Relocation Paid to Suppliers
  • ♦ Exhibitor Fees/Booths
  • ♦ Freight/Handling/Express Mail (FedEx/UPS) billed as stand alone charges
  • ♦ Food/Beverage
  • ♦ Hospitality Events/Catering (Non-UNCG)
  • ♦ Game Day Officials/Personnel
  • ♦ Guest Speaker/Performer/Entertainer
  • ♦ Honoraria
  • ♦ Insurance Premiums
  • ♦ Legal Settlements (General Counsel must submit)
  • ♦ Medical Fees/Services
  • ♦ Mobile Service Plans
  • ♦ Postage (metered mailings, bulk mailing, specified mailings)
  • ♦ Professional Development
  • ♦ Professional Licenses/Certifications/Memberships in-line with job duties
  • ♦ Research Participant Reimbursement
  • ♦ Research Subject/Participant Compensation
  • ♦ Royalties
  • ♦ Student Teaching Supervisor
  • ♦ Utilities - Cable/Telephone/Cellular/Water/Electricity
  • ♦ Vehicle Registration/Taxes
  • ♦ CI/Bond Fund
  • ♦ Payroll Use Only
  • ♦ All Other Non-PO Supplier Payments

Doing Business with UNCG

The following guidelines apply to any contractor, business, firm, company, or individual (hereinafter “contractor”) conducting business with UNC Greensboro (UNCG).

To the extent permitted by law, Contractor shall act in accordance with University mission, values and policies as amended from time to time, including policies regarding health and safety; and while performing the services on University property, Contractor shall refrain from acting in any disreputable manner or displaying offensive symbols on clothing, work vehicles, or other personal property that could be attributed to the University.

UNC Greensboro Contractors and Vendors,

As we move into a new school year at UNC Greensboro, we are taking every effort possible to provide for the health and safety of our students, employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an important member of our UNCG community, we need your assistance in promoting a safe campus environment. This year, we are asking all UNCG contractors and vendors to adhere to the new safety standards that have been enacted by the University.

Monitoring of Symptoms
It is very important that we all work together to ensure each other’s safety. Every day, before coming to a campus site for work, we ask that all contractor and vendor staff conduct a daily COVID-19 symptom check. If staff experience any COVID-19 symptoms, or do not feel well for some other reason, they should not report to campus. For a list of COVID-19 symptoms and access to the CDC Symptom checker tool, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Symptoms of Coronavirus webpage.

Face Coverings
UNCG has enacted a face covering policy for campus which applies to all UNC Greensboro community members, including contractors and vendors. Face coverings should be worn properly over the nose and mouth while indoors – including in classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, and meeting spaces. These may be cloth/reusable or disposable. Face coverings are also required outdoors in situations where appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained.

Reporting Positive COVID-19 Cases
In an effort to effectively respond to positive COVID-19 cases on our campus and enact prompt mitigation actions, contractors and vendors should notify the University of positive cases within your staff that may impact UNC Greensboro and its operations. To this end, if you have an employee who tested positive for COVID-19 and was on campus within the prior 14-days of the test date, we ask that you complete our COVID-19 Contractor and Vendor Reporting Form. All information submitted in this form will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of determining if mitigation actions are needed on campus.

For questions, please call the UNC Greensboro Office of Emergency Management at (336) 256-8632.

If you have any questions regarding this information or how it may impact your work activities on campus, please contact your UNC Greensboro point of contact specific to your contract or work on campus.

For general information on UNCG’s ongoing response to the pandemic, please visit UNC Greensboro’s COVID-19 Updates Website.


In March 2014, UNCG announced the decision to participate in a Managed Print Services (MPS) program to be jointly managed by Business Affairs and Information Technology Services (ITS). The program is designed to reduce overall printing costs, simplify management of printing services, and promote environmental sustainability, while increasing the functionality available to departments. For details concerning the MPS program, please see the ITS website.

  • ♦ Steve Rowland | Senior Account Manager | 336-808-8000 x2504 |
  • ♦ Michael Logan | Director of Purchasing and Contracts | 334-4104 |
  • ♦ Richard Schumaker | Project Manager | 336-256-1305 |

Contact for Relocation Estimates
(Relocation of existing Systel MPS units will incur a relocation charge.)

  • ♦ Shelley Taylor | UNCG Systel Representative | 336-808-8000 x2514 |

UNCG will no longer purchase or lease network or multi-function printers as these will be provided and owned by Systel and the departments will be charged on a cost per print basis. Specialty printers such as large format, photo, graphic, design, etc. are not included in MPS and can still be purchased through eMarketplace. If in question, please check with our Systel rep to see if they have a product that will meet your needs. Desktop printers may also be purchased if the department has received an exception after the potential savings assessment. In addition, departments can still order toner and ink and service agreements for all existing equipment not in the MPS program.

Each department will provide Systel with the name of the individual who’s pcard will be charged each month for the print per page charges. Systel will send the individual a detailed invoice of the charges each month for that department.

Departments often depend upon year-end savings allocated by deans to purchase printers, copiers, paper, toner and other print supplies for the upcoming year. As a result, some departments do not currently budget these expenses, whereas under MPS, they will have to pay these costs as part of the per-print charges. How will we now pay-per-print on a monthly basis without a designated budget for it?

This is a challenge for some departments and deans. Unutilized funds originally designated for other purposes become available as the year goes on and can be easily reallocated by Fund managers throughout the year. Fund managers for departments that move to MPS will be faced with managing this throughout the year, rather than at year-end. But the end result will still be an overall lower cost for copy/print. When the Departmental Cost Savings Assessment is provided, departments/deans who are not able to determine a way to manage their Funds so that they can benefit from the savings from MPS could first seek advice from their divisional budget contact, and if further help is needed, look to the office of Financial Planning and Budgets for advice.

How does the MPS program support UNCG’s environmental and sustainability initiatives?

The MPS Program advances UNCG’s environmental and sustainability initiatives through the elimination of equipment that consumes high levels of energy, better management of toner cartridges and their disposal, and reduction of paper consumption.

What is included in the program? What type of equipment will be provided in the MPS program?

Managed Print Services includes equipment, supplies (excluding paper), preventive maintenance, parts and repair, software, guaranteed service level response times, detailed account usage, department billing and installation and training. Systel and the MPS team will collaborate with the department to determine the types, models, and quantities of equipment from the results of the on-site assessment. The program includes several standard models of multifunctional devices, selected to meet the varied needs of the campus.

Does my equipment have to be networked to be in the MPS program?

No, although most of the MPS equipment will be networked for reporting and billing, it is not a requirement.

What happens if a department’s output changes?

If there is a substantial change in output needs such as volume, number of users, application changes, etc., Systel will consult with the department to re-evaluate their needs and may make appropriate equipment adjustments.

Am I required to participate in the MPS program?

The program is an enterprise-wide initiative supported by University leaders. The University’s goal is to have full participation from campus departments wherever practical and possible. The Departmental Cost Savings Assessment will provide departments with recommendations that will result in savings if implemented. Then, armed with that knowledge, it will be up to each department or division to determine their appropriate level of participation at this time.

Will Faxing or Scanning be charged just as a print is charged under MPS?

Scanning and outgoing faxing will not be charged under the MPS program. Inbound faxes that are set up to print are charged per page print and fax confirmations are also charged if printed. Inbound fax and confirmations can be set to be sent to an email or folder to avoid these charges.

Will our department receive a credit for toner or equipment replaced by Systel?

You may elect to receive a trade-in allowance for existing equipment and unopened unexpired toner that will be applied to your cost per print billing. UNCG is applying for a blanket approval from State Surplus to allow this trade-in.

Is the equipment provided by Systel energy star certified?

Yes, all equipment provided by Systel is energy star certified.

How much can we expect to save?

This will vary by department. Some departments that have very old equipment or are doing a lot of printing on desktops that elect to move everything to MPS could save as much as 30% to 50% in printing cost. For those of you who have recently purchased large printers and have a large supply of toner, it may not make sense to change to MPS equipment at this time. That is why we elected to provide a phased in approach to MPS. The projected cost savings will be determined during the department assessment for the department’s consideration.

Who is our Systel Rep?

Steve Rowland | Senior Account Manager | 336-808-8000 x2504 |

What about service agreements that are about to expire?

Please contact UNCG’s Systel rep, Steve Rowland (336-808-8000 x2504 | to see if we can provide you with a month to month service agreement until the MPS is put into place. If you elect to renew the service agreement prior to the assessment, please try to negotiate a shorter term in case you desire to switch to MPS prior to the next renewal.

What about leases that are about to expire?

Please contact UNCG’s Systel rep, Steve Rowland (336-808-8000 x2504 | to see if Systel can provide you with new printer on a month to month lease until the MPS is put into place.

Our offices are located off campus. Will we be included in the MPS program?

If you have a network printer or multifunction printer or need a multifunction printer, you can be added to the MPS program.

What is the timeline for transitioning to the MPS program?

This will be based on need. Several departments have already expressed a desire to switch to MPS due to aging equipment or desire for savings. Others may elect to wait until their network or MFP device ceases to operate properly, depending on the potential savings assessment. Therefore, the timeline will be as early as a few months or up to several years depending on the life of your equipment.

Once we move to MPS will our desktop printers be removed? Should we use up our ink before we surplus it or trade it in?

In order to optimize the cost savings, it is recommended that desktop printers be eliminated where possible, but we know this may not be the best solution in every situation. Therefore, after the potential savings assessment has been completed, departments that believe they have desktop printing needs that can’t be met through the MPS program may request an exception from Purchasing. Desktop printers are the least cost efficient and sustainable printing options on the market. Many desktop printers cost 8 to 15 cents per page to print vs less than 2 cents under MPS. Yes, we would recommend you use up your existing ink before you surplus or trade in your desktop.

Who determines who is phased into MPS first?

This will be on a need or first come first served basis. Several departments have expressed interest in being added to the top of the list.

If I have a machine less than 2 yrs old, should it be phased into MPS?

It depends, Systel will provide a cost per page for servicing your existing equipment and you can compare that against your current contract. Your department will make this decision based on your potential savings and printing needs.

Does this cover grant purchased equipment?

All MFP or network printers, regardless of fund source, are included in the MPS program.

How will Systel conduct the assessment and when will that take place?

Systel will conduct a campus wide survey of printing beginning April 7th and this process will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Individual Departmental Cost Savings Assessment s will be conducted after that initial campus wide print survey.

Will the MPS equipment be only black and white or will it have a color option?

Departments will have the option of a color/black and white printer or a black and white only printer.

Who decides what equipment we will use?

Following your Departmental Cost Savings Assessment, Systel will make a recommendation based on their findings and analysis; device placement is a collaborative process where productivity and cost savings are the primary objectives. Each department will get final say.

Who is responsible for paying repairs during the transition if we do not have a service agreement in place for our equipment?

It is recommended that you do not allow a service contract to lapse so that each device will continue to have service until MPS is adopted. If a service agreement is about to lapse, please contact the Systel representative allow them to quote a service agreement for your current equipment.

If we are already using Systel equipment, will we get newer/updated equipment or will we continue to use our current models?

It depends; Systel will evaluate your current equipment to determine if it can be rolled into the MPS program or if newer equipment is required.

How can we print confidential data using an MPS printer?

With the Systel equipment, you will have the option of having open printing of all print jobs or having a secure print. Secure print will require you to give each employee a code to enter to retrieve their print jobs. The decision is up to your department or division.

Were other print vendors given the opportunity to bid on this?

Yes, other print vendors were given the opportunity to bid on the state contract. In addition, we received an initial assessment and cost proposals from another vendor during the review process.

What is the anticipated cost savings for the University?

The opportunity for savings is substantial depending on the participation of the program. Universities have reported or projected savings of between 20% to 30% in the MPS programs. However, it depends on several factors including the age of your equipment, # of prints from desktop printers, etc.

What will the procedure be for destroying hard drives on the MPS equipment?

Systel will either remove and give the hard drive to the department to destroy, or they will destroy it for UNCG and provide the certification that it was destroyed. The decision is made by the department.

What will be the service time to repair/ replace devices under the MPS program?

Systel has guaranteed a 4 hr. response time on repair/service calls of MPS equipment and a replacement, if required, within 1 business day.

What other Universities have adopted MPS?

Some very large Universities have already adopted an MPS Strategy. Here are some links if you want to look at their programs:

What criteria are used to determine the department’s equipment needs?

During the assessment process Systel considers multiple factors to ensure the satisfaction of all users. Although monthly volume is a major consideration, they will also evaluate other needs such as speed, quality, finishing capabilities, ease-of-use, and paper handling capacity. Systel will also review the department’s needs to print from special applications to ensure the appropriate device is selected.

Will the cost per page, or impression, be the only charge once my department has enrolled in the program?

Yes, with the addition of purchasing your own paper. There is no minimum that has to be printed per month. Systel will work with each department to ensure that the appropriate device is selected to meet the volume needs of the department.

What is the cost?

Base price For Systel owned equipment (no cost of ownership to UNCG) Black & White: $1.69 per print. Color prints will be 6.4 cents or 7.9 cents depending on the printer selected.

Will departments have to buy new equipment after we enroll in the program?

No, Systel will determine in the assessment, if new printers or copiers are needed. If so, Systel will provide their equipment at no cost to UNCG other than the cost per print.

How often will equipment be refreshed in the program?

Equipment will be refreshed on an as needed basis; it is in the best interest of both parties to have good working equipment.

I have security, HIPAA or FERPA requirements, how will these be affected?

All security and compliance requirements will be discussed during the assessment and factored into the final recommendation. Departments will have the option of erasing the memory of each job after print.

Will Systel locate their printer at the same location as my existing network printer?

This will be determined by the department with recommendations from the MPS team.

Will desktop printers (scanners and fax machines) be on the contract with Systel?

No, it is the intent to eliminate costly desktop printers wherever possible.

Departments that are interested in saving money on printing costs or becoming more sustainable should contact Systel at the numbers above to schedule an assessment and next steps for using the MPS program.

What does the departmental potential savings assessment include?

Someone from your area will be asked to complete a short survey of your current printing costs and needs. You will be contacted to schedule a time to conduct the assessment. This will include a meeting with department heads, department technical support personnel, Systel and the MPS team to review your printing needs, current costs and potential MPS costs.

Will equipment be removed from the department?

Each department assessment will take into consideration the current printing environment and recommend cost saving opportunities within the assessment proposal. The final decision will be determined by the department.


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Use this Opportunity Cost calculator to help determine if a multi-year purchase is a good deal.

Refer to 4.4 | Sole Source Purchases for additional details.

Submit completed inspection report to the buyer listed on the Purchase Order.

Completed form is submitted to State Surplus Property for approval.

If a vendor requires proof of UNCG’s tax exempt status, provide them the certificate and letter.

Federal law requires that we have on file a W-9 with the Employer ID number or Social Security number and signature of each person to whom the University makes a payment. New vendors must complete this form to be entered by UNCG’s Accounts Payable Department.

An editable .pdf form used to request access to departmental funds. Questions regarding this form must be directed to Systems and Procedures at 334-5936.