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PCard Policies - How to Identify Gift Card Numbers

Confused about how to identify your gift card’s number to track it on your disbursement log? Wondering how to make sure the number you write down matches your receipt? We’re here to help!

You can see how different stores’ gift cards look, how to locate a card’s unique number, and how to match it to your receipt. If your card is not covered here and you have questions, contact the PCard Department and we’ll help you out.


Amazon does not list a gift card number on the receipt. The “printable receipt” generates a “claim code” that is used at checkout to redeem the certificate. Use the claim code on your disbursement log. Maintain a copy of the printed gift card to show that the order number matches your receipt.

It is NOT acceptable to use a gift card that is emailed to the recipient. You must choose the printable gift card option if you are using

Amazon Gift Card Example

Target - Partial Match

In this example of a Target card, the number on the card matches a portion of the number on the receipt.

Take care to use the number marked “Seq” on the card, not “Event,” as the latter is not unique to one card.

Target Partial Gift Card Example

Target - Full Match

In this example of a Target gift card, the number on the card exactly matches the number given on the receipt.

Make sure that you do not use the “Event” number on the card, because this is not the card’s unique number. Note that here it is called the “Card” number, instead of “Seq” as the partial card shows.

Target Full Gift Card Example

Target - Gift Card Pack

Some vendors, including Target and Staples, offer a pack of several gift cards (10, 20, 50, and so on) that all have the same value and are purchased as a single item.

When a pack of several gift cards is purchased, the receipt from Target will show only the card numbers of the first and last cards in the pack. Further complicating things is that the intervening numbers are not in any kind of sequential order (ie, they are not cards 1-50).

If you have purchased a pack of Target gift cards like this you will not have a receipt that shows the unique numbers for the cards. In this case it is especially important to immediately write every unique number for the purchased cards in your disbursement log and keep track of which has been given out.

Target Gift Card Pack Example


There are three things to look out for on a Walmart gift card and its accompanying receipt.

  • ♦ The unique number of the gift card will not be listed with the line item on the receipt indicating the cost of the card. Instead, the number appears at the bottom of the receipt, after the total, payment rendered, etc.
  • ♦ The card itself has two different numbers on it, one above the magnetic strip and one below. The one that will match the number on the receipt, and the one that you will place in your disbursement log, is the one at the very bottom of the card, as in the example above.
  • ♦ The number on the receipt exactly matches the number on the card, with an additional four digits shown on the receipt. Note only the number on the card on your disbursement log. Edit
Walmart Gift Card Example