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Policy NumberEffective DateTitle
A7/1/21Purchasing from Commercial Vendors
B7/1/21Solicitation of Bids and Quotations


In preparation for the FY22 year-end close, Procurement Services has compiled key processing dates and information. Please read the following carefully to facilitate a smooth end to FY22 and transition to FY23:


  • ♦ Goods must be received and services performed before payment can be processed.
  • ♦ Please process Change Order or Cancellation requests in a timely manner ( Please be sure to check and review if any invoices or credits are "In Process."
  • ♦ Receipts are required before AP can process the PO invoices (
  • ♦ AP will continue to process invoices after June 15th; due to the volume of year-end payments, AP cannot guarantee that the payments will be processed and paid in FY22 if the June 15th deadline cannot be met. Contact for assistance.


  • ♦ June 2022 Cycle: 5/26/2022 - 6/25/2022.
  • ♦ All transactions must be reconciled and approved before midnight - Tuesday, June 29th.
  • ♦ Visit the PCard website for additional information:

Visit the Finance website for additional Year-End information:

Please contact Procurement Services at or PCard Administrator at for assistance.