PCard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Basic Information:

What is a PCard?

The PCard is a University issued VISA card. It is accepted anywhere, place or time that a VISA card is. Currently, Bank of America supplies UNCG with our PCards.

Who should have a PCard?

The PCard should be issued only to University employees authorized by their departments to make purchases on a regular basis. All Card Reconcilers will be issued a card in their name unless otherwise requested. The PCard should not be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the card. Only UNCG employees may be issued a PCard.

What is a Card Reconciler, and who should that be in my office?

The Card Reconciler is the person that will be responsible for tracking and reconciling the PCard transactions. This person should be the person currently responsible for entering requisitions into the Banner Finance system.

Can there be more than one Card Reconciler?

It is a very good idea to have a back up Card Reconciler. You may structure your department any way that works best for you. Please contact the PCard Office for help with multiple Reconcilers.

Where are the applications located, and which one do I need to complete?

A. Cardholders should complete the New PCard / Works User Request Form.
B. Card Reconcilers should complete the PCard Group Maintenance Form. If they do not currently have an account or card, Reconcilers should also complete the New PCard / Works User Request Form. In addition, Reconcilers must have maintenance access in Banner Finance for the funds they are charging purchases to. If a prospective Reconciler does not already have this access, they must complete the Banner Finance Security Access form and submit it to Financial Systems Support.

Who should sign as ‘Approver’ on the Group Set-up application?

This should be signed by the first responsible person for the funds tied to this PCard. This will usually be the department head, or in the case of a grant, the principal investigator.

Can a person be card Reconciler, Cardholder, and the Approver?

No. A person may be the Cardholder and Reconciler, but an Approver may not sign off on his/her own transactions nor transactions he/she has reconciled.

Does everybody have to attend one of the training classes?

Everyone that expects to have a PCard MUST attend one of these classes.

Do I need to attend both Card Reconciler and Cardholder training sessions?

It depends. If you are a Card Reconciler you will need to attend both the Cardholder and Reconciler classes. If you are a Cardholder you will only need to attend the Cardholder class.

Do I need a different PCard for every account that I use?

The PCard may be used for any Banner funds a cardholder has authority to make purchases from.

What is the default Banner Fund/Account, and why is it required?

All PCards must have a default Banner Fund/Account listed on the application. The Default Banner fund/account serves as a fund for the PCard Department to charge, in the event that a department fails to reconcile its PCard charges by the stated deadline. The use of this fund is an absolute last resort for the PCard department.

Will having a PCard affect my personal credit?

While this card does not impact your personal credit, you will be held responsible for its use. You may be held liable for any unauthorized purchases.

When will I receive my PCard?

You will receive your PCard after attending the training class.

How long should I retain my PCard records?

You are required to keep your monthly PCard packets, with all paper documentation of your purchases (transaction approval reports, receipts, etc) for 7 calendar years.

Making Purchases:

What types of purchases are approved for the PCard?

A list of appropriate PCard purchases is available in the PCard menu.

What types of purchases are NOT approved for the PCard?

A list of appropriate PCard purchases is available in the PCard menu.

What are the daily, single, monthly limits for the dollar amount of purchases on the PCard?

The following limits are the maximum allowable per purchasing card.The actual limits assigned to individual cards may vary. Contact the PCard Office if you have questions about the limits on an individual card.• There is a single purchase limit of $2,500.
• NOT split orders to avoid this dollar level.
• There is a daily purchase limit of $5,000.
• There is a monthly purchase limit of $25,000.

I’m being asked by my vendor what the billing address for my card is. Where do I find that?

UNCG uses a uniform billing address for all Pcards on campus:P. O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402UNCG uses a uniform billing phone number for all PCards on campus:

Where do I get the receipt for my online purchases?

Please note that you will not be sent any receipts when you place most online orders. In place of your receipt, please print your shopping cart and/or your confirmation page. The information that the PCard Department needs for all orders is: Who you purchased from, What you purchased, When the purchase was made, and How much the purchase was.

Although we notify our vendors that UNCG is tax exempt, what corrective measures can be taken if tax is charged? For example, if a person goes to Wal-Mart and buys some items, what if they are charged sales tax?

It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that sales tax is not charged to their card. However, if sales tax is charged, the cardholder must contact the vendor and request a credit be issued for the amount of the sales tax. If a vendor refuses to issue a credit for the sales tax charged, the cardholder must provide documentation outlining the steps they took to request a credit and explaining the final outcome. This documentation needs to be kept with the purchase receipt/monthly PCard packet for auditing purposes.

What happens if I buy something from a vendor that should have been purchased through state contract?

We may deviate from state contracts on our purchases if the price of the item is significantly less that that on state contract. If the price is not less and the purchaser simply does not follow the state contract where she/he should, we may have them either explain their actions and/or return the items that were purchased. State contracts are covered in the trainings.

How can I view the transactions posted on my bank statement?

Your department Reconciler can provide you with a listing of the transactions posted on your bank statement.

How do I dispute a transaction that appears on my bank statement?

Contact the vendor to see if the situation can be handled at that level. If not, complete a Dispute Form and fax it to Bank of America at 1-888-678-6046. Bank of America will research the situation and should notify you of the outcome within 7 business days. It can take up to 60 days for the credit to be posted to your account.


How does UNCG handle the reconciliation of PCard charges for the entire university?

UNCG uses Bank of America Works – a web-based software application – that allows for complete reconciliation of PCard charges by acting as an interface between the bank and Banner Finance.

How does Works work?

As purchases are made, departmental Reconcilers enter receipts and transaction details that correspond with the purchase into Works. Reconcilers and Approvers then reconcile their transactions by electronically signing off on the detailed transactions in Works. Once this process is completed, the purchase information is uploaded into Banner Finance and the correct funds/accounts are debited.

When do I need to reconcile?

UNCG’s bank statement currently runs from the 26th of the month to the 25th of the following month. Emails will be automatically sent by Works to Reconcilers, depending on their email preference settings, who have transactions to reconcile. The PCard department strongly recommends reconciling on a daily or weekly basis. After the bank statement cut off date, coordinators will have until the 5th of the following month to reconcile their charges.

How can I, as department Reconciler, view bank statements on the cards I am responsible for reconciling?

UNCG uses a web based card management program called Works to manage all aspects of the Bank of America PCard program. Reconcilers will be able to access statement information on the cards they are responsible for by logging into Works.

How do I access Works (Bank of America statements) for the first time?

After attending PCard Reconciler training, you will be sent a welcome email from the Works program. This email contains a URL you will use to log into the Works program for the first time. You will be asked to choose a password and a security question. Write down your user name and password – you will need it to log into Works each time after that.

I’ve made purchases and they are not showing on my statement or when I search for transactions. What do I do?

Save your receipts to match to the statement that the charges appear on. Remember that charges that you make may take up to 6 months to post to your account and appear on your statement. You may wish to contact the vendor to check if they have initiated the transaction with the bank.

I am waiting on a credit to post to my card for a charge that was incorrect. What do I do?

You should reconcile the original charge once that charge shows on your statement. When the credit appears on your statement, you should reconcile that just as you would any charge. This will result in your Banner fund/account being charged for the initial purchase and then being credited for the credit that you received. You may want to stay in close contact with your vendor to ensure that credits are posted to your credit card in a timely fashion.

Since the original receipts for PCard purchases will be kept in departments, will audits take place in individual departments?

No. Audits take place in Works and are based on information entered by the Reconciler. If there is a discrepancy, the PCard Office will contact the Reconciler for clarification.