PCard Forms & Documents

PCard or Works User Request Form

• The New PCard/Works User Request Form is used request a new card or user account (reconciler, approver, or auditor without a card) in Works. Please email the completed form to pcard@uncg.edu.

Group Maintenance Form

• The PCard Group Maintenance Form is used request changes to reconcilers, approvers, group contact information, or fund access. Please email the completed form to pcard@uncg.edu.

New Group Request Form

• The New Group Request Form is used to create a new group in Works. A Group structures the workflow of reconciliation and approver sign off for a set of cards. Please email the completed form to pcard@uncg.edu.

Employee Purchasing Card Agreement

• Complete this form prior to receiving PCard.

PCard Order Log

• Can be used by PCard cardholders to track monthly purchases.

Commercial Card Claims Statement of Disputed Item

• This form is completed and returned to the bank after all other efforts to resolve the disputed purchase with the vendor are exhausted.

Missing Receipt

• This form has been replaced by the “Receipt” indicator button in Works. The Receipt indication will be completed for all transactions. Indicate “No receipt” only AFTER you have unsuccessfully attempted to get a copy from the vendor or online. Credits, international transactions, and erroneous or fraudulent charges do not require vendor contact but do require a comment explanation.


Banner Finance Access – Campus Users

• An editable .pdf form used to request access to departmental funds. Questions regarding this form must be directed to Systems and Procedures at 334-5936.

NC Tax Exempt Certificate

Tax Exempt Letter of Explanation

• UNCG is sales tax exempt. It may be necessary to notify the vendor of our tax exempt status or procvide them with this tax exempt certificate (#400004).