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Welcome to the Contract Services page. On this site you will find information on how to initiate a contract, guidance on which contract template to utilize, and the approved contract templates that are available for use.

The University is implementing Total Contract Manager (TCM), an automated contract management system. TCM provides a paperless process for contract creation, workflow approvals and electronic signatures. Currently TCM has been implemented with several University departments. If your department is one of these, all new contracts should be created in the contracting module.

Over the coming months, Procurement Services will be working with other areas across campus in the onboarding process to TCM. Training will be provided by Procurement Services and is required in advance of individuals gaining access to the automated system. If you have questions about the onboarding process please contact us at


This form is used to determine the Independent Contractor vs Employee status under IRS guidelines. Section I is to be completed by the service provider; Section II is completed by the department.

TCM User Guides

Editing contract documents requires using the Jaggaer Word App in TCM. This guide walks you through installing the App.

TCM User roles: who they are, what they can do and how to tell which you are.

Complete TCM navigation guide for the Contract Manager and Administrator.

Contract Requesters create contracts requests and submit the requests for approval.

How to approve contract requests prior to contract creation.

A guide to help you determine if your contract is High, Medium, Low or Little Risk to UNCG.

Contract Templates

The new Professional Services Agreement is one template to be used for both companies and individuals. Update Scope of Work and Payment terms in Exhibits at the end of the agreement.

This Agreement is used for presentations or services rendered on campus by a guest speaker or performer. In general the attendance would be of 100 or less with a cost of $1,500 or less. Professional liability insurance is recommended for this Agreement, but it is not required. Update Scope of Work and Payment terms in Exhibits at the end of the agreement.

This Agreement is for larger performance venues on campus with terms and conditions appropriate for the protection of UNCG and the performers/entertainers. In general, estimated attendance would be more than 100 people. Update Scope of Work and Payment terms in Exhibits at the end of the agreement.


The contracting process at UNC Greensboro must comply with all State of NC rules and polices as well as those polices that govern UNC Greensboro. Review the UNC Greensboro Policy Manual

Purchases of enterprise software must comply with existing University policy and applicable laws, including Purchasing regulations and the policies on Web Accessibility and Contract Review.


  • ♦ Proposed administrative applications must be reviewed by the Security Committee and by the Administrative Systems Committee (ASC) to ensure that University data are properly protected.
  • ♦ Administrative enterprise and student-facing enterprise administrative applications must comply with a University-approved method of authentication and be capable of leveraging single sign on to allow one authentication transaction for utilization of multiple services (Single Sign-On for University Systems).
  • ♦ All administrative applications must be an efficient use of University resources. Where capabilities exist in the Banner ERP system or other enterprise systems, purchases or renewals of partially redundant or similar systems will not be approved.
  • ♦ If any of these conditions, based on applicability, are not met, the purchase will not be approved. Exceptions to II may, however, be granted in cases where no suitable alternative exists.
  • ♦ Appeals: A potential purchaser whose request to purchase is denied based on efficiency review as described in section III may appeal to the Administrative Systems Committee.

Please refer to the entire policy here

If you have any questions please contact the Procurement Services Office for assistance:

Pursuant to N.C.G.S. §143-64.24(8), the Board of Governors has adopted the following policies and procedures governing contracts to obtain the services of a consultant by the constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina.

  • ♦ “Consulting services” shall mean work or task(s) performed by governmental entities or independent contractors possessing specialized knowledge, experience, expertise, and professional qualifications to investigate assigned problems or projects and to provide counsel, review, analysis or advice in formulating or implementing improvements in programs or services. This includes but is not limited to the organization, planning, directing, control, evaluation, and operation of a program, agency, or department.
  • ♦ The Chancellors, or the Chancellors’ designees, are authorized to approve contracts for consulting services to a constituent institution when the services are determined to be in the best interest of the University, and the amount is not above the constituent institution’s management flexibility purchasing benchmark. (UNCG’s purchasing benchmark is $500,000.)
  • ♦ The University of North Carolina Vice President for Finance is authorized to approve contracts for consulting services above the constituent institution’s management flexibility purchasing benchmark. (For any contracts exceeding $500,000, UNCG Procurement Services will seek approval for the contract.)
  • ♦ Contracts for consulting services for a constituent institution shall be:
    • • Consistent with all applicable policies and procedures adopted by the constituent institution for the procurement of services, including policies and procedures for personal and professional services, competitive bidding, and sole-source justifications.
    • • Reported to the constituent institution’s Board of Trustees at least annually.
    • • Reported to the University of North Carolina Vice President for Finance at least annually.
  • ♦ Contracts for the use of individuals for instructional services, curriculum development, and conducting academically oriented research, formerly covered under Board of Governors Policy Guideline §600.5.4[G], remain exempt from the State Consulting Act, and are exempt from the reporting requirements of Sections IV and V of this Policy, but must comply with all applicable policies and procedures adopted by the constituent institution or other unit of the University of North Carolina for the procurement of academic and research consultant services.

If you need assistance or have questions about contracting for consultant services, please contact Procurement Services at

Step 1: Review of Requirement and Resources
A campus department seeking to obtain a contractual service should first make all the following determinations:

Step 2: Procurement Services Review and Approval
It is the general policy of the University to acquire contractual services exceeding $5,000.00 (including equipment service contracts) by seeking competition. To process a request for a personal service exceeding $5,000.00, contact Procurement Services to solicit bids or discuss obtaining a sole source approval.

Step 3: Independent Contractor vs Employee Determination

  • ♦ Complete the UNCG Independent Contractor Determination Form and submit it for Approval.
  • ♦ Proceed only after the supplier is determined to be an Independent Contractor
  • NOTE - Individuals on the UNCG payroll may not be paid as Independent Contractors.

Step 4: Creating the Contract

4a: If your department is not yet using Total Contract Manager (TCM)

  • ♦ Complete the Professional Services Agreement, including services to be performed and payment terms in Exhibits A and B.
  • ♦ If any modifications to the template’s Terms and Conditions are deemed necessary, contact UNCG Procurement Services for review and approval before proceeding.
  • ♦ For an unmodified template or an approved modified template, obtain the signatures of both parties. UNCG signatories must be the appropriate authorizing signature.
  • ♦ Create a cart in eMarketplace for the same payment terms as the contract, attach the contract and submit your order.

4b: If your department is using Total Contract Manager (TCM)

  • ♦ Create your contract in TCM using the appropriate template


Procurement Services has established contracts for the following commodities. Please see below for Ordering information and instructions.

PCard can be used if the commodity is on the PCard Allowable list. If you need assistance please contact the appropriate staff member in the Procurement Services Office or email

print Printing Services

To assist the UNCG community with their printing needs as well as to maintain our branding standards, we have awarded convenience contracts to several printers.

What does this mean for you? Using the vendors below eliminates the need to go through a bid process for any of your printing needs. These vendors have been vetted by UNCG Procurement Services.

It is recommended these vendors are used for any printing need. Utilizing vendors not on this list may require you to complete the RFQ and/or the RFP process.

When you request a quote from the supplier please make sure that RFP #69-3298 is referenced on the document.

The University prefers departments check with Spartan Printing first to see if they can accommodate your printing needs. Using Spartan Printing directly supports the University. If Spartan Printing is unable to complete the job, the State prefers departments contact Correction Enterprises next.

Initial Contract Term End Date: 9-14-2023. University has option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

Awarded VendorContact NamePhone NumberEmail AddressRFP #TCM Contract #
Clinton PressClint Jackson(336) 275-8491cjackson@clintonpress.com69-3298UNCG-2021-PRODUCT-828
GeographicsLindsey Gibbs(336) 512-3768lgibbs@geographicsinc.com69-3298UNCG-2021-PRODUCT-829
Hickory PrintingKevin Miller
Lisa Snider
Phase 3 MarketingKat Ruland(803) 493-2976kathryn.ruland@phase3mc.com69-3298UNCG-2021-PRODUCT-831
Systel PrintingScott Oglesby(336) 808-8000 x2506soglesby@systeloa.com69-3298UNCG-2021-PRODUCT-832