Contract Services Procedures/How-tos

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Consultant Services

Before receiving authorization to seek consultant services, the department must provide written justification to the Purchasing Department. This written justification should include:

  1. The services the department desires to secure.
  2. Why the work to be performed by the consultant cannot be reasonably accomplished by employees of the ordering department.
  3. How the work relates to the proper functions of the department.
  4. What benefits the department expects to receive from the consultant’s services.
  5. What the department estimates to be the cost of the services.
  6. What the department estimates the length of service required.
  7. What potential sources of consultant services, if any, the department has identified.
  8. Additional information as may be necessary to justify the need for the consultant service.
  9. If the department is requesting authority to contract for consulting services outside of State government, the justification must also include potential sources for services that exist within State government. An explanation as to why the desired services were not available from those sources is requested.

The written justification must be approved by the Head or Dean of the Department.

After receiving the written justification:

  1. The Purchasing Department will review the documents submitting by the ordering department and forward them to the State Purchase and Contract Division for review.
  2. The State Purchase and Contract Division will secure approval from the Governor’s Office or designee.
  3. Once the University receives this approval, the Purchasing Department will solicit proposals for the stated consultant services.

NOTE: Any contract executed without the approval of the State Purchase and Contract Division and the Governor or his/her designee will be void and no State funds will be used for such a contract. Any employee or official of the State of North Carolina who executes a contract without this approval will be liable to repay any amount expended plus court costs.

Contracted Personal Services

Step 1: Review of Requirement and ResourcesPrior to a campus department of the University seeking to obtain a contractual service, it should make all of the following determinations:

Step 2: Documentation

Prior to submitting a request for contract services to the appropriate authorizing signature, the following documents and information should be completed:

    • Independent Contractor Questionnaire
    • UNCG Independent Contractor Checklist
    • Personal Services Contract Template or Professional Services Contract. If the approved template is not used or is altered in any way, forward contract language to UNCG University Counsel for review and approval.
    • The full dollar amount of the contract
    • The proper fund and account to which this contract is to be charged
    • Single/Sole Source Justification (if required) when requesting a waiver of competition

Step 3: Purchasing Review and Approval.

It is the general policy of the University to acquire contractual services (to include equipment service contracts) by seeking competition. To process a request for a personal service, departments must first contact Purchasing to solicit bids for the requirement or obtain a sole source approval.

Upon receipt of the requested contract documentation, Purchasing will:

  • review the contract documentation,
  • seek competition if required,
  • encumber the funds,
  • assign an encumbrance document number (Kxxxxxxx)